Thérèse Mulgrew

Thérèse Mulgrew grew up on a rural farm outside of Dubuque, IA. Influenced by the artists in her family as well as her experience in the fashion photo industry, she began to cultivate her own style which focus’ mainly on portraiture and still life.

She took a variety of studio art classes at the University of Iowa where she graduated an English major. Shortly after, she moved to NYC, where she studied at both the New York Studio School and The Art Students League of New York. She now resides in Chicago, Illinois.


Located at: 30 Main St. Dubuque, IA

Thérèse painted this mural on the Thomas J. Mulgrew building, named after her great great grandfather who built it to house his offices in 1915. To honor her family, she painted a still life depicting items often seen in her grandparent’s home, Derby Grange, where the family frequently gathered — a book, a glass of whiskey with her grandfather’s initials engraved, a Pall Mall cigarette, and a day lilly.


Located at: 1277 Elm St. Dubuque, IA


Located at: 325 W 1st St. Dubuque, IA

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