Our history

EST. 2006


Voices Mural Project

Are you missing Voices from the Warehouse District? You can get your Voices art fix year-round by checking out the murals around Dubuque! “The idea is to curate a series of murals in downtown Dubuque, which we refer to as the Voices Mural Project,” said Sam Mulgrew, president of Humanities Iowa and one of the five directors of Voices Productions. The Voices Mural Project includes multiple murals by regionally and nationally known mural painters. Runde Auto Group is a major sponsor of the Voices Mural Project, along with Humanities Iowa. “In essence, we will be creating an outdoor gallery, but all on the walls of privately owned property,” Mulgrew said. With the murals complete, observers can take a walking tour. “Some of the murals will be highly visible, but some will be obscurely presented hidden in alleys and back lots,” Mulgrew said. “The murals that we completed in September and October were just to get us started, dipping our toes in the water before we dive in next year,” Mulgrew said. “All vibrant communities have some degree of public art adorning their public space. Dubuque has greatly lagged in this area of creative expression. It is the intention of Voices Productions to move the needle, and get people in Dubuque involved in discussing and engaging in all forms of public art.”

Voices from the warehouse


In 2015, Voices Productions decided to move from their gallery space in the Dubuque Millwork District and instead Take it to the Streets and with major success began painting murals around the Dubuque landscape. Since then Voices has been making free art for the public consumption. View photos from the past Voices From The Warehouse below. Photos from Digital Dubuque