Known for his unique style of large scale graffiti/mural art, Ryan ‘ARCY’ Christenson has been prefect his craft since 2003. Throughout the years, ARCY has had the opportunity to work with people and companies in countless industries throughout the world. Anything from graffiti branded media publications and photo-realistic live event murals, to corporate chain identity and celebrity cliental; ARCY continues to demonstrate his growing desire to leave his mark wherever he goes. ARCY currently resides in his home state of Connecticut. “I am a graffiti artist. I’m not afraid to admit that, I have deep roots in an art form that many may stereotype as unacceptable. I have come a long way since painting letters on walls and I am constantly pushing the limits to create works that are on the cutting edge of this vibrant art form. I have perseverance and am not afraid to give up. My pieces showcase the freedom of what can be achieved with a spray paint can. Many of my works contain photorealism, while others are purely abstract. In the end, no matter what I create, I strive to make an impact on this world.” – ARCY

In Dubuque, Acry’s piece titled “Charging Bison” can be seen at 105 Locust St.


Located at: 105 Locust St. Dubuque, IA

45′ x 25′

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