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Mural Workshop Application:


Deadline for Submission: Friday, May 25th


You may also download this as a PDF and then email it to us.


Thank you for your interest in the Voices Mural Workshop.  This project is a continuation of the Voices Mural Initiative, which brought large scale mural art to Dubuque. The Voices Mural Initiative and The Voices Mural Workshop are part of a creative place-making effort which hopes to trigger dialogue and inspire broader community thinking – all with the aim to make Dubuque a richer and culturally more diverse place to live.  By animating tired public spaces, we hope to reinvent the urban experience.


Join us for this workshop which will provide a deeper understanding of consensus building street art, its history and current trends, and learn through hands-on experience the skills and techniques applied in mural making.  A portion of the workshop participants will work side-by-side with critically acclaimed street artist Gaia, culminating in a large masterful mural.  The workshop is open to all who have a desire to express creativity within the public domain, but space is limited.*  Also, in exchange for this cost free experience, it is our hope that all workshop participants will engage in some form of public art within the calendar year .



June 25th – June 29th, 2018

  • Two days of interactive lecture and presentation—learn from those who live in the world of street art and public expression.

  • Four full days of field work on a 150 ft long public mural in downtown Dubuque.

*The mural making portion of the workshop is limited to 15 or 20 people. Students and emerging artists will be treated with preferential consideration.


    Thank you for contacting Voices Productions !