Shelby Fry

I was born and raised in the Chicago suburb of LaGrange. I first found my love for photography and drawing in high school and decided to pursue my education further at Iowa State University. There I received my Bachelors of Fine Art focusing in photography, drawing and painting. Utilizing my studies, I have continued to explore my love of art by working at several different galleries, while also participating in art exhibitions and producing several solo shows.

My style has evolved from dark and chaotic photography to very structured and refined paintings and laser engraved artwork. I now use my sense of perfectionism to my advantage creating intricate geometric designs. While I mainly focus on animals for my inspiration, I also create geometric line work featuring a range of themes. Overall, I have used what I thought was a weakness for sometime and harnessed the idea of “perfect” into an art form I can be proud of.


Located at: 405 Main St. Dubuque, IA


Located at: 1290 Washington St. Dubuque, IA

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